Not your typical agency.

Studio Kakan is a digital experience agency where our approach isn't just about designing; it's about storytelling, empathy, and understanding the intricate web of human interaction; diving into the before and after, why and the how. We are fervently dedicated to crafting the best experience for your product to better everyday lives. All whilst neccessitating aesthetics and prioritising practicality.

Inspired by the Japanese word "Kakan" (果敢), signifying boldness and resoluteness, Studio Kakan is all about clarity and action.

Everything starts with kindness.

We start with kindness, ensuring each project has a positive impact, no matter what. We fearlessly pursue our objectives, staying focused and undistracted, always seeking innovative solutions. Finally, we use our skills to achieve top-tier design results, every time.

What we do

We design experiences that inspire and enhance the way people interact with your products and/or services.

User Experience Design

Web/App Design; UX Design; UI Design; UX Audit; User Research; Graphic Design etc.

Our approach goes beyond conventional practices. We understand and empathise with your users, ensuring that every interaction, from intuitive interfaces to visually compelling storytelling, is a source of delight. Rigorous usability testing, a commitment to accessibility, and a mobile-first perspective are just a few elements that define our comprehensive approach to crafting unforgettable digital experiences that engage and resonate with your audience.


Social Media; SEO; PPC; Email; Media Buy; Strategy & Consultation; Events

A comprehensive suite of marketing services designed to elevate your brand's visibility and impact. Our team combines creativity and data-driven strategies to deliver results-driven campaigns. From developing compelling content to executing targeted advertising. Plus, with our extensive network of media partners, we secure competitive rates and valuable exposure, ensuring your message reaches the right audience effectively.


Copywriting; UX Writing; Blog & Article; Editorial & Advertorial; Press Release, Translations (English, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese)

One-stop destination for exceptional content, copywriting, and translation services. Our multi-cultural team of seasoned wordsmiths and language natives crafts compelling narratives, persuasive copy, and accurate translations that resonate with your target audience.

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