May 2023

Club Sim

A revamp project with HKT, redesigning the Club-Sim app for enhanced user experience and functionality. Club Sim is a product developed by Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), offering affordable monthly no-contract mobile plans and à la carte styled add-on services.
UX Design, UI Design


After in-depth testing with a SIM card and multiple interviews with Club-Sim's teams, the app presented significant issues. These challenges encompassed inaccessible key features like data usage and billing, a complex marketplace, and an inefficient loyalty program, necessitating a complete rethinking of the app architecture.


  • Engaged with both users and Club-Sim teams to pinpoint key features and preferences, in addition to multiple ideation sessions which facilitated creative problem solving.
  • A new dashboard was implemented to prominently showcase vital user information: data usage, renewal dates, loyalty point balance, and purchased services.
  • Transformed into a modern online store format, with clear categorisations, an advanced search system, and sections like "Most Popular Services".
  • Redesigned for straightforward transactions using standard payment methods or loyalty points.
  • Reimagined to display essential account details, including billing, FAQ, and port-in procedures.
  • Transitioned from an outdated "stamp" model to a points system inspired by airline frequent flyer programs.
  • A fresh introduction process was devised for new users to acquaint them with the improved features.
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